Fernando Muñoz

Stone Age Design 

We can fix and build concrete, floors, cracks and more, no need to break it down, We can make your home look CUSTOM MADE AND LIKE NEW. The materials we use are hard as a rock and look like real rocks, river stones, granite, bricks, tiles, ceramic, marble, lime stone, even ivory or sand!

Beautiful and ONE OF A KIND WORK! We can redo your kitchen, bathroom, hallways, sidewalks, driveways, fireplaces, chemnys, decks, verandas, walls, swimming pools, walkways, basements to look like new. We create one of a kind art work for your surface…it’s new and distinctive. Designed to fit your needs. We can  personalize it to fit your unique home needs for color, shape, and surface. The material is non-slip and waterproof for your home renovations both indoor and out! Perfect time to redo that patio for BBQ season!